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Flytunes is a fully free app which works without ads or paid plans. So, you don't need to pay anything for using this app.....


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With Flytunes app you can save music offline or can directly play online without doing much work.


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I love this app use it 24/7! I highly recommend this music app, with WiFi or without I just load my music and put in airplane mode I’m all set for the night. But one recommendation is please add “ Recently Played Tracks”. I tend to forget to add them to my list or once In a blue moon the song pops up in my head but don’t remember the song name and it could come in handy for many iOS users! 

Sincerely: Brevz 
Thank You!


I love this app I can turn my phone off and still listen to music. You can also make playlists so you can listen to music with no connection. Also, they have real songs not covers of other people singing the songs. They also have all songs not just some love this app.


I love this app you can play music offline or online if you want and if you want to listen to a song then download it it  I love listening to new music and downloading it

I highly recommend Flytunes app

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