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Though it first premiered in 2007, EA Sports Cricket 2007 has lived on, finding a home on PC all the way to the current Windows 10 operating system. In all those years since release, how does the game stand up in the current environment of games in this category?

Cricket 07 Overview

EA Sports Cricket allowed players to engage in Twenty-20 cricket at the Ashes Tournament, placing the United Kingdom against Australia in a virtual mashup to settle the score between these two-decades-old sports rivals.

The game clearly borrows a few gameplay elements from other EA games like World Series and World Cup, managing the physics of the game like those two well-tested franchises. It provides for a smooth playing style that is simple to pick up without much of a learning curve for players to consider.

And with Twenty-20 as a feature for players, their skills can in the crease and their understanding of the mechanics of Cricket bolstered through quick matches that encourage learning and experimentation. To keep the challenge going, players can try their hand at competing in popular English events like the NatWest Pro40, the C&G Trophy, and the Liverpool Victoria County Championship.

Players will have to focus only on three key aspects in order to master Cricket: batting, bowling, and fielding. Those on PC using a controller may find a bit of sticking when batting due to the combinations required to maneuver properly and direct strokes as intended.

There are a few compatibility issues depending on the manufacturer, but if playing with a keyboard and mouse, there ought to be smooth movement with a high degree of accuracy for the player. Regardless of hardware, players have a choice of style and direction of play and will be able to use popular bats like Slazenger and Puma.

Bowling is a bit easier to manage, as players can determine how to deliver the ball based on the batsman level of confidence. Where they may face the most worry is over fielding. It can become laborious to continue to check in with them, and many may opt to leave fielding on auto so they can focus on core gameplay.

While the gameplay may be inviting and engaging, the presentation is a bit lacking. Considering the year in which it was first released, Cricket’s graphics were up to par with the competition in the world of sports video games. However, in this current year, visuals will leave quite a bit to be desired by players of other sports games like FIFA.

The limitation in the presentation is backed up by ambient sounds that fail to capture the stadium environment like those other sports games. Though there is commentary, it’s relatively scant.

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  • Quick matches
  • Adaptable mechanics
  • Iconic events


  • Poor visuals
  • Limited sounds
  • Small roster


ES Sports Cricket has a loyal fan base at release, and those who enjoyed the original or the sport itself will find a reason to return. Those looking for a gaming experience competitive with the advanced sports games of today will find it difficult to play for long.

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